Year-End Giving Deadline

Year-end is quickly approaching. To help you ensure your clients' charitable gifts are recognized in 2022, we've pulled together year-end deadlines. Please review this document, and as always, reach out to one of our gift planners if you have any questions.

2022 Year-end giving deadlines 

We offer a wide variety of brochures and product sheets to support your charitable conversations with clients.

Compliance approval of general Thrivent Charitable promotional brochures and handouts is not required by Thrivent. Thrivent Charitable materials created specifically for Thrivent channels are reviewed and approved by Thrivent compliance. Supplemental customized materials created by Thrivent financial advisors must be submitted to Thrivent compliance for review.  If you are a Thrivent career financial advisor, you may order marketing materials through Storefront. If you are a TAN or non-Thrivent financial advisor, you may place a materials order here