Thrivent Charitable's donors are changing lives where they find their strongest connections. By living their values, our donors are spreading joy and creating hope for thousands of people throughout local, national and global communities.

female BIPOC teacher in front of classroom

Inspiring the next generation of educators

Grateful for their college education and serving 34 years in public education, Eugene and Joye Schutte wanted to help future generations of educators enter the profession.

Couple discussing information on tablet

Charitable giving decisions involve the head and heart

As long-time donors, Jennifer and Daniel offered regular support to a church in their hometown. When an unexpected windfall occurred, they were not sure how to follow their hearts, amplify their gifts and thoughtfully choose from the long list of well deserving organizations.

Client meeting with their financial professional

Going above and beyond to accomplish her dream

Years ago, donor Diane Jaeger and her husband brainstormed a “dream list” of causes they hoped to support financially. Unfortunately, his death from cancer left Diane a young widow at 47, and her priorities changed. But she never forgot that dream. A few years later, Diane received an unexpected inheritance at her sister’s death. While discussing options for the money, her Thrivent financial professional Nathan Mahnke encouraged her to think big.

A child doing homework

Giving back with purpose

The thread that runs throughout Gary and Joyce Kallsen’s giving is making sure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Their ongoing support to the YMCA and Kinship of Cumberland and Turtle Lake, where they now live in Wisconsin, provides children with pathways to success. 

Personalized support

Thrivent's donor services department is here to help make the most of your giving plans.

Contact us to schedule a personal visit or phone review of your charitable fund for any of the following: 

  • Recommend new grants from your fund, check the status of a grant request, or request that a grant be expedited;
  • Create or refine your giving goals;
  • Update your fund with new beneficiaries, advisors, or contingencies;
  • Research charities match with your charitable goals and values;
  • Verify charities eligible to receive support from your fund;
  • Follow-up with charities on how grant support was used;
  • Discuss unique grantmaking scenarios (i.e., international grants); or
  • Connect you to a Gift Planner to make additional gifts to your fund.

We’re here to serve you. To speak with a donor service advisor, contact us at 800-365-4172 or email