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Spreading joy and changing lives

You can help spread joy and change lives through purposeful charitable planning and giving. Discover strategic ways you can make the most of all you've been given

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Creating hope

By living their values, our donors are creating hope for thousands of people throughout local, national and global communities.

Why giving through us is different.


Give meaningfully.

We provide expertise to help you give to the causes you care about most.


Give flexibly.

Be generous in a way that fits with your finances, priorities, and values.

Give with ease.

Get comprehensive support from our team so you can focus on what matters.


Give confidently.

Growing your gift through sound stewardship and with transparency.

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Live in the spirit of generosity and abundance.

From meeting unmet needs in your community, to giving back to causes you care about, we provide education, resources and advice to help you share your blessings and make a difference.