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Ways to give:

Give Now, Give Later, Give & Receive

Give Now, Give Later, Give & Receive

You have access to a full range of flexible giving options to achieve your charitable goals. You can Give Now, Give Later and/or Give & Receive depending on what works best for you and your giving goals. Your gift may be tax-deductible.

Not sure which giving strategy is best for you? We are here to provide you with thoughtful charitable giving expertise. Our team of charitable gift planners and donor services professionals are available to answer your questions and help you create your personalized giving path.
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Give now
Put generosity into action with gifts such as:
  • Cash
  • Qualified charitable distributions/QCDs (Video) (PDF)
  • Roth IRA conversion & charitable giving (PDF)
  • Noncash assets (Video) (PDF)
    • Real estate
    • Crops/farm equipment
    • Limited or general partnerships and limited liability companies
    • Stocks & mutual funds (PDF)
    • Cryptocurrency
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Give later
This type of giving allows you to make a larger gift upon your passing with assets including:
  • Bequests & Beneficiary Proceeds (Video) (PDF)
  • Life estate reserved (PDF)
  • Life insurance (Video) (PDF)
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Give & receive
Income-producing gifts provide ongoing payments, regardless of investment performance. The remaining funds are directed to your favorite charities and causes. Giving options include:
  • Charitable gift annuity (Video) (PDF)
  • Charitable remainder trust/unitrust (PDF)
  • Testamentary charitable remainder trust (PDF)