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We are here to serve you and carry out your generosity goals—goals reflecting your life experiences, values, and passions. The resources on each tab below provide you with tools to plan your generosity for today—and tomorrow.

If you need assistance setting your goals, mapping out ways to incorporate your family in your generosity or researching charities, please contact our donor services team.

We offer these resources to help you make the most of your giving, now and long into the future.

Your Giving Plan Booklet: Set your course
Through this plan, you also have an opportunity to tell the story of what is central to what you believe and influence the world around us.

Your Giving Plan: Questions to jumpstart your giving
Your answers to the these questions provide insight to your giving decisions and help guide us and your successor advisors so we can carry out your giving intentions far into the future.

Your Giving Story: A letter to the future
Your letter to the future is about sharing your giving story in words. It’s a way to tell family, friends and future generations about your giving goals and vision so that your generosity can continue to inspire others.

Your Fund Review Form
We encourage you to revisit your charitable fund(s) every quarter by completing this form and discussing it with your financial professional. You may also consider discussing it with your family and friends.

Stories of Giving
Read the stories of others and be inspired by ideas how to involve family and friends in your charitable giving.
Use these resources to engage your family and friends in your generosity.

Simple ways to engage your family in a donor-advised fund
Read this article for four ways to include the whole family in granting out from your donor-advised fund.

Eight strategies to embrace family philanthropy
In this article, MiaLisa Millares executive director of Doing Good Together shares strategies to weave philanthropy and kindness into every day with the youth in your life.

Webinar recording: Engaging your family in philanthropy
During this 45-minute webinar, you'll hear strategies for weaving philanthropy and kindness into your every day life along with ways to include the entire family in generosity using your donor-advised fund as a tool.
In our role as steward, we perform due diligence on all grants we distribute. We believe that learning more about charities and their work leads to more informed and thoughtful giving decisions; and being an informed and thoughtful giver will result in more effective grants to help charities advance their work. To support and encourage donor research, we suggest you to use the resources below to gather information about specific charities you wish to support, and learn more about charitable giving.

Charity Navigator 
Charity Navigator is America's largest evaluator of charities. Their rating system examines two broad areas of a charity's financial health - how responsibly it functions day-to-day, as well as how well positioned it is to sustain its programs over time. Each charity is then awarded an overall rating, ranging from zero to four stars.

With free registration, you can view information on all 1.7 million nonprofits listed with GuideStar; all are formally registered with the IRS or have proven they meet all IRS criteria for exempt organizations.

Disaster Response Resources
We are mindful of support needed in communities affected by recent tragic events and natural disasters. When sudden hardship hits, we’re compelled to lend a hand. 
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Thrivent Charitable's donor services team can help you make the most of your generosity. Contact us to schedule a personal visit or phone review of your charitable fund. We can help you:
  • Recommend new grants from your fund, check the status of a grant request, or request a grant is expedited.
  • Create or refine your giving goals.
  • Update your fund with new beneficiaries, advisors, or contingencies.
  • Research charities to match with your charitable goals and values.
  • Verify charities eligible to receive support from your fund.
  • Discuss unique grantmaking scenarios (i.e., international grants).
  • Connect to a gift planner to make additional gifts to your fund.
To speak with a member of our team, contact us at or 800-365-4172.