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Sharing your blessings

A variety of charitable fund options are available that match your specific interests, values and financial priorities. Whether you advise grants from your fund as you wish, designate charities for automatic annual grants, create a scholarship fund or support a specific cause or area of interest, you can create impact in our shared communities.

With each fund type, you can make grants to any IRS-qualified charity in your name, in honor or memory of a loved one or anonymously.

Charitable fund options


Advise-As-You-Go Fund

With an Advise-As-You-Go Fund, you can recommend grants to your favorite charities at a time of your choosing. 

There is no minimum gift (minimum administrative fee applies). 

Donor-advised Fund Policies & Guidelines

Charity Plan

Designated Fund

A Designated Fund gives you the option to provide support to organizations annually, in perpetuity, or grant 10% for 10, 15, or 20 years. 

You also have the ability to make a one-time grant from your fund to selected charities ($50,000 or 20% of your gift, whichever is greater, must remain in your fund). 

The minimum gift is $5,000 per designated charity.

Donor-advised Fund Policies & Guidelines


Non-Advised Fund

Are you 70 1/2 years or older? If so, you can create a Non-Advised Fund with gifts of qualified charitable distributions (QCDs) from your IRA. When making this type of gift, you recommend one or more IRS-qualified charities to receive automatic annual grants from your charitable fund either in perpetuity or for a term of years. Note: Qualified Charitable Distributions (QCDs) can only be gifted to non-advised funds. QCDs cannot be gifted to donor-advised funds.

Non-advised Fund Policies


Scholarship Fund

You can set up a Scholarship Fund in support of any designated college, university, or seminary.

Recommend scholarship criteria that match your specific interests and provide 5% support among charities annually, in perpetuity, or grant 10% for 10, 15, or 20 years.

The minimum is $5,000 per accredited educational institution. 

Learn about your scholarship fund options: 

Donor-advised Scholarship Fund Guidelines

Designated Scholarship Fund Guidelines



Cause or area of interest fund

The scope of a cause or area of interest fund can be broad or narrow (e.g., medical research or medical research related to Alzheimer's Disease). Choose to remain involved in the grantmaking process, or let our team manage it for you. 

The minimum is $25,000 for each designated cause or area of interest. 

Continue your charitable giving journey.

From meeting unmet needs in your community, to giving back to causes you care about, we can help you amplify your impact. 

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