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Our Collective Impact

Generosity in action

You—our donors—continually give through all times and circumstances. We are fortunate to see the collective impact made through the charities and causes you cherish.

2023 grants

2023 was a year marked by renewed hope, optimism and anticipation. As we collectively emerge from the challenges of the past few years, we are grateful to you for generously sharing your hearts and abundance with the causes and communities you cherish.

$75 million
in grants distributed
total grants distributed
churches and charities received grants

Thrivent Charitable's collective impact is made in two ways:

  1. Our donors support the charities and causes they cherish through individual donor-advised fund—the donor decides when and where to distribute grants— or organizational endowment funds.
  2. As champions for building a better world, we partner with our donors to address larger issues through our collaborative Impact Funds—the application process for these funds is by invitation only.

2023 grants by field of interest

Who receives grants?

We distribute grants to 501(c)(3) nonprofits throughout our local, national and global community. In 2023, more than 9,100 charities received grants through donor-advised funds and organizational endowment funds. Note: We do not provide direct support to individuals.

As a nonprofit organization, you may have questions about our services and how Thrivent Charitable can support your work. See our nonprofit resources page for more information.

If you are seeking a grant, please note our collaborative grantmaking is an invitation-only process granting out to very specific interest areas and locations.

Champions for building a better world

Dec 20, 2022
With support from a Thrivent Charitable donor, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is making scientific strides to discover a possible prevention of Type 1 Diabetes.
Aug 25, 2023
With funding from a Thrivent Charitable donor, nonprofits in Northwood, Iowa, can better serve the community.
Jun 17, 2021
With love for their town, Thrivent Charitable donors, left a hospital the gifts and legacy to provide top notch healthcare for their beloved community.