Resources to grow your charitable business

Charitable fact finder

Help your client create a charitable giving plan by starting with these questions regarding their financial security, values, charitable interests, and tax considerations. 

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Gift calculator

Explore potential income payments and charitable deductions for income-producing gifts such as charitable gift annuities and charitable trusts. 

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Gift illustration request

Request a formal gift illustration of an income-producing gift for your client. 

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Charitable seminars

Utilize these seminar presentations to share with your clients and prospects, either one-on-one or in a larger group setting. 

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Charitable gift annuity rates

Rates Effective July 1, 2020

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Thrivent Hearsay social media program

Are you a Thrivent financial professional looking for pre-written and designed social media posts about charitable planning? Consider joining Hearsay, Thrivent's Field Social Media Program. 

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Step-by-step giving instructions: Give Now

Help your clients bring their generosity to life with gifts such as cash, stocks & mutual funds, qualified charitable distributions (QCDs), and real estate.

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Step-by-step giving instructions: Give Later

These giving solutions allow your clients to make a larger gift upon their passing with assets such as life insurance, life estate reserved, bequests, and beneficiary proceeds.

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Step-by-step giving instructions: Give & Receive

Charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts/unitrusts, and testamentary charitable remainder trusts provide your clients with ongoing income payments. The remaining funds are directed to their favorite charities and causes.

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Gift planners

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We make the process easy

Our team of charitable gift planners utilizes deep charitable expertise to expand your clients' options and help meet their giving goals. Our collaborative approach will allow you to maintain your current client relationships while we provide the most relevant advice that aligns with your clients' financial priorities. 

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