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Recurring grant recommendation

Congratulations on continuing to share your blessings and support the organizations and causes you care most about. As you know, your donor-advised fund allows you to recommend grants to IRS-qualified charities on a recurring basis (i.e., annually, quarterly or monthly). Upon completion of our due diligence and approval process, grants will be sent directly to benefiting charities. You may cancel recurring grants from your fund anytime by contacting us.
We are committed to acting on your grant recommendations promptly. In some cases, it may take longer to verify an organization’s charitable status and complete the due diligence process.
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Grant recommendations
The minimum grant recommendation is $100. If you request a grant reducing your fund below $1,000, please contact us. Note: Grants from your donor-advised fund cannot be used to fulfill a fundraising commitment or pledge.
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*Acknowledgement: Grants to charities are accompanied by a grant letter that includes optional information as selected below. Please check only ONE box to indicate who should be acknowledged for the grant. Select the first option (Fund name, donor name(s) and address) if you would like the grantee organization to thank you directly. The donor name(s) will consist of the primary fund advisor(s) listed on the charitable fund account, unless you direct us otherwise.
Grant report request (Available for single grants of $10,000 or more)
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*I understand that while the vast majority of grant recommendations can be honored, there are common types of grant requests that cannot be made: 1. Grants that provide more than an incidental benefit to the donor or other third party. This includes: all or a portion of the cost to attend a charitable event or banquet, goods bought at charitable auctions, raffle tickets, grants to satisfy a financial obligation or any individual or entity, grants that fulfill fundraising or other commitments or pledges, or that are directed to or for the benefit of specific individuals (e.g., school tuition, scholarships earmarked for individuals). 2. Grants to organizations whose purpose or work is not solely charitable, or when the grant will be used for a non-charitable purpose (e.g., cemeteries, VFW, fraternal societies). 3. Grants to private non-operating foundations. 4. Grants to supporting organizations (501(c)(3)s identified in 509(a)(3)) that do not have an IRS determination letter stating they are “Type I” or “Type II.”