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Minnesota Council of Churches

Minnesota Council of Churches (MCC) consists of 27 members representing the regional governing and administrative bodies of Historic Black, Mainline Protestant, Peace Church and Greek Orthodox judicatories. With a mission of unity built on justice, MCC has a goal to build strong communities made up of meaningful relationships and guided by their deepest values. Their services include refugee resettlement, interfaith and solidarity gathering in response to Islamophobia and antisemitism, and supporting and building upon existing community organization efforts around racial and social justice.

The Racial Justice Initiative is the start of a long-term effort to—over the next decade—repair and reverse the harm that hundreds of years of racism has inflicted upon communities of color – particularly Black and Indigenous Minnesotans. This work has a three-point action platform to:

  1. Start with a truth-telling process.
  2. Focus on education.
  3. Lead to reparations.

Support from the Thrivent Charitable Community Fund and generous gifts from our donors help make this possible. For collaborative funds, Thrivent Charitable conducts an invitation-based grantmaking process. For more information visit our nonprofit resources.