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Designated Fund:
Investment allocation change request

As a donor/fund advisor you have the flexibility to recommend how your charitable fund is invested. Your Designated Fund can be invested in our long-term offerings. Your allocation recommendations are typically adjusted within two weeks following your request.

NOTE: Designated Funds provide automatic annual grants now and/or at death, so you will see the language "automatic annual grant" listed on your confirmation after submitting this form.

If you have a Designated Fund, please select how you'd like your fund invested:
I acknowledge and agree my recommendation is advisory only and Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing may, at its sole and absolute discretion, follow or decline to follow my recommendation and may change the investment of all or any portion of the assets in the fund. Upon acceptance of my recommendation, the investments will be administered in accordance with the investment policies and my investments are subject to normal market and interest rate fluctuation risks, and any gain or loss generated by the above investments will be reflected accordingly in the fund’s value.