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Global Refuge

Global Refuge (formally Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service (LIRS)) and its partner agencies has assisted over 11,000 Afghan refugees since the fall of Kabul in August 2021. Thrivent Charitable grant support is continually assisting Global Refuge to help Afghan refugees navigate their new communities.

Global Refuge is working to assist the many that are still working to:

  • Find meaningful, well-paying employment.
  • Obtain recognition of professional certifications they hold.
  • Transition from an entry-level position into a role more in-line with their career interests.

This grant supports the New American Cities program, which promotes economic empowerment, social mobility, and diverse, inclusive communities through a three-prong system: pathway building, career navigation, and harnessing the power of champions and coalitions.

Global Refuge remains committed to the long welcome and continues to find solutions to challenges and provide ongoing support to ensure our new Afghan neighbors are able to integrate into their new communities and provide for their families.

Support from the Thrivent Charitable Community Fund and generous gifts our donors help make this possible. For collaborative funds, Thrivent Charitable conducts an invitation-based grantmaking process. For more information visit our nonprofit resources.