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Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT)

What is a charitable remainder unitrust?

A charitable remainder unitrust (CRUT) is a trust that makes regular payments based on a percent of the trust’s assets. These payments, which can be made to the donor or other named income recipient, can be for life, a term of up to 20 years, or both. The amount remaining in the trust at the termination of the trust is directed to the donor's charitable fund at Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing™ and benefits the donor's choice of charities or causes over time. Typically, Thrivent Charitable acts as trustee for trusts established at Thrivent Charitable, and in this capacity, assumes responsibility for administering all aspects of the trust, including sale of real estate or other gifted assets.

How to establish a CRUT with a gift of real estate
Request a personalized illustration for your client using our request form, or email a gift planner. To create a customized illustration for your client, Thrivent Charitable requires the following information:
  • Client's name, birthdate, and tax bracket; and,
  • Proposed gift amount, including cost basis.
2. Thrivent Charitable sends you an illustration packet to review with your client.

3. If your client wishes to proceed and establish a unitrust, ask your client to create a charitable fund and complete and return the charitable remainder trust application, IRS Form W-9, and the complex gift asset questionnaire,or real estate questionnaire(depending on the type of gift).
Target audience
  • Clients 50 or older, but may be younger for a term-of-years trust;
  • Clients interested in additional income who can withstand market fluctuations;
  • Clients with significant assets;
  • Clients interested in converting real estate or other complex assets into a gift that provides a stream of ongoing income;
  • Clients who wish to give real estate and bypass associated gains;
  • Clients who may wish to make additional gifts to the trust at a later date;
  • Clients who are seeking ongoing income for long-term care or wealth replacement insurance premiums; and
  • Clients with property they are no longer interested in maintaining.
Potential tax and financial benefits of a CRUT
  • The trust beneficiaries receive regular payments for life, term or years, or both.
  • The donor receives a charitable income tax deduction in the year of the gift based on the value of the real estate/complex assets, determined by a qualified appraisal. The cost of the appraisal is paid directly by the donor to the appraiser.
  • For gifts of long-term appreciated real estate or complex assets, the annual deduction limit is 30% of the donor’s AGI.

    • Unused charitable deductions may be carried over an additional five years; and
    • The unitrust sells appreciated assets tax-free – proceeds are reinvested to produce income.
Benefits to you, the financial professional
Thrivent Charitable will support you with a full range of charitable products and services, and you'll be compensated for your efforts by Thrivent or American Funds.
More about CRUTs
Gift minimum
The gift minimum for real estate is $200,000. The donor can also make multiple additional gifts of cash, securities, and/or real estate to the trust, which would increase the annual unitrust distribution.

Payment Recipients

Payments can be paid to the donor, a relative or friend, and are taxable as income. There may be estate/gift tax consequences if someone other than the donor or the donor’s spouse is named as an income recipient.

Unitrust payout rate

In determining a payout rate, Thrivent Charitable looks to various factors, including the current economy, the prevailing IRS discount rate, and the age of the trust income beneficiaries. Once the percentage has been set in the signed trust document, it cannot be changed. The variable annual payment rate is calculated annually, based on the percentage in the trust agreement and the overall value of the trust’s assets. Payments begin in the calendar year following the sale of the property/complex gift assets. The donor(s) and certain family members are disqualified from purchasing the property according to law.

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