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Expanded investment offerings now available

April 22, 2024 | Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

As our partners in helping people experience the joy of generosity, we are pleased to share our expanded investment offerings are now available to your clients who open new charitable funds with us.

This expansion of offerings was designed with you and your clients in mind. Our investment options and how we invest honor your clients’ generous commitment by amplifying their gifts and helping make the change that matters most to them. With more choices to align with their values and financial goals, our new expanded investment offerings span from low-cost index funds to actively managed asset allocation funds—including Thrivent funds—designed to fit your clients’ individual investing preferences, time horizon and risk tolerance.

The new investment options are managed by highly experienced, reputable firms with long-standing track records as fund managers. The fund managers include Thrivent Mutual Funds, Vanguard Group, and Cambridge Associates. The chart below summarizes the new offerings:

For clients who currently have a charitable fund with us, between now and May 1, we are moving assets from our Core Growth, Mission Growth, Income, and WomenInvest Portfolios (all of which are sunsetting) into one of our new offerings. Please note, we took great care to map your clients’ charitable assets into the new offering which best matches their current selection (“like to like”). After May 1, the new allocation will be visible through your and your clients’ Fund Dashboard. We encourage you to review their charitable funds and, if needed, adjustments can be made directly through the Fund Dashboard.

For more information on the expanded investment offerings please visit