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Engaging Faith: The Ecumenical Water Network

Thursday, June 17, 2021 - 15:25

Together with donors, we identify key issues and develop initiatives to achieve effective, positive and lasting change. One of the initiatives to which we have committed is creation care, which works to build capacity, help churches reduce their energy footprint, promote leadership and engage our donors around the concern of creation care.

With a focus on water, our Creation Care Initiative is accomplished through one of our grantee partners: The Ecumenical Water Network (EWN) of the World Council of Churches (WCC).

The EWN of the WCC is an is an initiative of Christian churches and organizations that represents more than 560 million Christians. Its grant focuses on the support of one of its networks in holding its second annual Eco-School on Water, Food and Climate Justice.

The training aims to motivate and prepare young people to contribute to the work of the churches at the regional and local level on issues related to water, food, nutrition, health and climate change towards a sustainable future.

In 2018, 35 participants from 14 countries attended the training in Salvador, El Salvador to study the local, regional and international manifestations and causes of the world’s water crisis and food insecurity as affected by climate change.

During the 12-day training, participants attend a variety lectures and workshops to examine water, food and climate challenges from a perspective of faith and ethics. By the end of the Eco-School, participants draw up action plans to be implemented in their communities.

“Young people are now being trained as eco-ambassadors – they are our future,” said Mr. Dinesh Suna, Coordinator of EWN-WCC. “These participants are taking their next steps of action based on what they have learned from our Eco-School training. Many of them are engaged in their respective churches or their national ecumenical organizations.”

Watch Eco-School participant Joy Eva Bohola discuss the importance of taking action on issues of water, food and climate justice.