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Education Fund

This fund supports educational programs and services benefiting historically underserved communities. You can collaborate with Thrivent Charitable and other donors to make the change that matters most to you.

Man and middle-school aged son sitting at a red table working through homework using a textbook and notebook with a large shelf of books behind them.

The Black Men’s Success Initiative (BMSI), a project of the Minnesota Private College Fund. BMSI was established with the mission of addressing the disparities in four-year graduation rates among Black men in higher education.

BMSI’s mission is clear - to empower back male students to: 1) excel academically, 2) develop leadership skills, 3) graduate successfully in four years, and 4) transition into meaningful careers upon graduation. This two-year program provides students with opportunities for leadership development, academic support, personal growth, job preparation, financial literacy, and networking with and learning from Black professionals across the Twin Cities. Each cohort consists of 16 or more students and is led by a Black man. The curriculum includes:

  • A $12,000 scholarship ($6,000 junior year; $6,000 senior year). 
  • A two-credit leadership class taught by a Black professor.
  • New suits and “dress for success” presentation .
  • Resume preparation working with an HR professional one-on-one. 
  • Clifton Strengths assessment and training with a Gallup professional. 
  • Interview preparation. 
  • Comprehensive financial literacy curriculum. 
  • Additional group academic support or individual tutoring that is culturally relevant, as needed (for example, in writing and math). 
  • Paid summer internships between their junior and senior years. 
  • Trip to a regional Black student leadership conference. 
  • Networking opportunities with Black professionals across the Twin Cities. 
  • Assistance in planning and navigating the college to career transition. 

Support from the Thrivent Charitable Education Fund and generous gifts from our donors help make this possible. Thrivent Charitable conducts an invitation-based grantmaking process. For more information visit our nonprofit resources.

Take action on your generosity

To make a gift to this collaborative fund now, visit our make a gift page or request a transfer from your donor-advised fund. Please specify the Education Fund. Or consider amplifying your generosity with a deferred gift (Give Later).

From 2013-22 the Education Fund awarded scholarships to graduating seniors who were members of churches holding endowment funds with Thrivent Charitable. We celebrate the impact made on numerous students. Beginning in 2023 grants began going to support other education related efforts for historically underserved communities.