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Compensation form

Thrivent financial advisors are compensated for their work in bringing in donor gifts. This compensation is paid by Thrivent and results from the investment of donor gifts in Thrivent mutual fund shares.
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Compensation form for Thrivent financial advisors
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If other Thrivent Financial advisors are to be compensated for this gift, please provide their information below.
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Referral GDC and commissions are 1% of charitable gifts (.25% for gifts of existing Thrivent mutual fund assets) invested by Thrivent Charitable in Thrivent Mutual Fund S Shares. GDC and commissions are credited after the money is received by Thrivent Charitable and funds are invested in Thrivent Mutual Fund S Shares. On an ongoing basis, no asset based GDC or asset based commissions will be paid to FAs on Thrivent Charitable Accounts

In the case of bequests and beneficiary proceeds, Thrivent compensates financial advisors when the assets are received and invested by the Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing (upon the donor’s death). To receive compensation, the financial advisors must still be employed by Thrivent.

Life Referral Incentive
When there is a new Thrivent life contract (or increase to an existing Thrivent contract) issued where Thrivent Charitable (formerly InFaith Community Foundation) is assigned as the owner at issue, the financial advisor will receive a one-time incentive based on the grid revenue, in addition to the base commission. Eligible contracts include:
  • Application must be written on or after July 5, 2022.
  • New Thrivent SPWL, whole life, UL or VUL contract issued (including increases to an existing Thrivent UL/VUL already owned by Thrivent Charitable.)
  • Thrivent Charitable is assigned as the contract’s owner at issue; therefore, no payment on any premiums into the contract or the cash value is paid.
NOTE: If a member decides to just assign an existing contract to the Foundation, regardless of when they were written or issued, it is not eligible for this incentive.

The incentive calculation, in addition to the base commission, is 10% of the FAs credited grid revenue on the eligible contract. FAs who are part of an ensemble team will receive the incentive on the portion of grid revenue credited to them after the revenue sharing agreement has been applied. In the event that the contract lapses or is surrendered during the applicable chargeback window, Thrivent reserves the right to apply the incentive rate on the portion of grid revenue charged back

Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing is a public charity that serves individuals, organizations and the community through charitable planning, donor-advised funds and endowments. Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing works collaboratively with Thrivent and its financial advisors. It is a separate legal entity from Thrivent, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

Insurance products, securities and investment advisory services are provided by appropriately appointed and licensed financial advisors and professionals. Only individuals who are financial advisors are credentialed to provide investment advisory services. Visit or FINRA’s Broker Check for more information about Thrivent’s financial advisors.