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Charitable fund options

Advisor managed funds

The advisor managed fund program enables specific Thrivent financial professionals the opportunity to provide investment advisory and management services for donor-advised funds at Thrivent. Through an advisor managed fund, your clients continue to rely on your investment expertise and you continue to hold the assets in your book of business (but in the name of Thrivent).

Fund Minimum
As with all charitable contributions, donors’ gifts to donor-advised funds are irrevocable gifts. The donor-advised fund must have a minimum opening value of $250,000. A donor cannot make incremental gifts over time to reach the $250,000 minimum and it is the intention of the program that the advisor managed fund program to maintain this minimum value over time. Existing donor-advised funds at Thrivent are not eligible for transfer to the advisor managed fund program unless an additional $250,000 is added.

Investment Allocation Guidelines
In order to ensure advisor managed fund assets are invested in a prudent manner, our Board of Directors has set forth the following investment allocation guidelines:

Asset Class Minimum Maximum
U.S. Equity 15% 35%
Global (non U.S.) Equity 12% 32%
Emerging Markets Equity 0% 12%
Fixed Income 10% 73%
Marketable Alternatives 0% 20%
Real Assets 0% 15%
Unallocated Cash 0% 5%

The annual administrative fee is 1% of the assets or $2,500, whichever is greater. Investment advisory fees assessed by a financial advisor, plus custody and investment management, and management fees embedded within mutual funds, comingled funds, etc., are not to exceed 2% of donor-advised fund’s value.

Participating financial professionals must:

  • Be fully licensed (S.7 + S.66 + LAH)
  • Be part of the advisor and advisor guided programs through the TIMI brokerage account platform.
  • Have a product access level of 30 or more.
  • Be in good standing in the state of Minnesota.

Contact us for more information about additional requirements.