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2023 year-end planning
As you prepare for the year to end, we've gathered the following resources to help you reach your charitable goals in line with your values and priorities.


Everyone has different causes dear to them driven by their faith and values. We help you make your vision a reality by guiding you along the path which is best for your journey. We take the anxiety and complexity out of giving—especially at the end of the year—so you can experience the joy of making a difference.

You can watch the "Year-end planning" on-demand webinar with tips and tools for planning, giving and granting here.

Additionally, for your convenience, we pulled together 2023 year-end giving deadlines to ensure your gifts are recognized by the IRS yet this year and you maximize your potential tax benefits.
Year-end giving deadlines

Need further assistance with year-end planning? Contact your Thrivent financial advisor or email today.
The close of the year is the perfect time to review your charitable plan and reflect on next year's giving.
  • Did you accomplish your goals?
  • Are there any revisions to your plan?
  • What organizations or causes do you want to support in 2024?
We have gathered the following resources to help you as you discern your charitable giving goals:

Family giving resources
Resources to help you engage your family and friends in your generosity.

Noncash assets resources
A collection of resources to help you understand givable assets outside of the cash you have on hand and the money in your bank account. 

Your giving plan Booklet | Jump-start
These resources help you map out your charitable path.

Stories of giving Webpage | Brochure
Looking for some inspiration? Read stories from donors like you and how they were able to amplify their giving.

Create a fund
Once you are ready to create positive, lasting change, visit this page to open your fund.
Making year-end gifts and knowing the necessary deadlines is important to achieve the potential tax benefits and your goals. Review 2023 giving cutoff dates and learn how to make a gift before the year ends.

Make a gift
Our webpage outlining ways to give and connecting you to the donation method you prefer. 

Year-end giving deadlines
2023 year-end giving deadlines you need to know to ensure your gifts are recognized by the IRS yet this year and maximize your potential tax benefits.
Our donors tell us they give because they want to share their blessings. To ensure the causes and charities that matter most to you are supported, use the information below.

Recommend grants Log in | Instructions
To recommend a grant, log in to the Fund Dashboard. If you don’t know how, check out our Fund Dashboard recommend a grant instructions document.

Research grantees
We have gathered the most trusted resources for you to research the causes you care most about.

Sample grantee notification
We have prepared a sample version of the notification your grantee receives after you direct resources to them.