Women holding hands to comfort each otherOur hearts and prayers stand with those impacted by the recent school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. During times of tragedy many of us ask ourselves what we can do to help, to support victims, to prevent future incidents, or to change policies. We share the following story as inspiration of one donor who made an impact to help survivors of a similar event with their mourning and healing. We also share below organizations for consideration to support. 


One anonymous Thrivent Charitable donor established a donor-advised fund based on the recommendation of her Thrivent Financial Advisor for tax efficiency. This fund turned into so much more as she supported the causes and charities that assist in aid for the homeless, basic needs for disaster relief and mental health support for survivors of these tragedies.

Upon hearing about a school shooting in the western US, the donor was deeply moved into action. After speaking with the staff at Thrivent Charitable who researched ways to help, we learned there were students who had witnessed a shooting in the southern US still attending that school. After our staff spoke with school counselors and administration about counseling and support for those students, the school officials said the best way to help was through training of school counselors. This led the donor to provide a grant of $18,000 to support the training and help those students.

This donor exhibits how people’s hearts and minds, research and care come together to help create positive, lasting change. Together, we can bring hope and light into the darkest places.

Suggested Organizations