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Generosity contribution form for Thrivent Advisor Network (TAN) advisors

For every client’s charitable gifts into a donor-advised fund through Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing™ (Thrivent Charitable), TDL, a registered broker-dealer, and principal underwriter for Thrivent Mutual Funds will donate 1% of the gift value to your donor-advised fund (generosity contribution). This fund will support your generosity and enable you to recommend grants to a qualified charitable organization of your choice. Most importantly, this will allow you to live out your own generous values and truly understand the charitable tools that clients will need and want.
Thank you for your submission!
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Program considerations and eligibility:
(1) This program applies to donor-advised funds administered by Thrivent Charitable and not to Advisor Managed Funds (where advisors are managing the charitable assets for an ongoing fee).
(2) In the case of bequests and beneficiary proceeds, TDL generosity contributions are made when the assets are received and invested by Thrivent Charitable (i.e., upon the donor’s death). The advisor must still be part of Thrivent Advisor Network, LLC at that time to have generosity contributions made to your DAF.
(3) Client gifts of Thrivent mutual fund assets into a DAF are eligible for generosity contributions of .25% of the gift (vs. 1% for non-Thrivent mutual fund assets)
(4) This form will be used as default allocation instructions for all generosity contributions to the donor-advised fund of your choice and must be completed to receive generosity contributions. Any changes to the default allocation instructions will require a new form.
Primary financial advisor (this financial advisor is considered the main contact for donors)
*Do you have a charitable fund held at Thrivent Charitable?
If no, you can create your charitable fund on our website at If you need additional assistance or have questions as you complete your fund workbook, please don't hesitate to contact our team at or call 800-365-4172.
Client gifts of Thrivent mutual fund assets into a donor-advised funds are eligible for generosity contributions of .25% of the gift (vs. 1% for non-Thrivent mutual fund assets).

Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing® is a public charity that serves individuals, organizations and the community through charitable planning, donor-advised funds and endowments. Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing works collaboratively with Thrivent and its financial advisors. It is a separate legal entity from Thrivent, the marketing name for Thrivent Financial for Lutherans.

Insurance products, securities and investment advisory services are provided by appropriately appointed and licensed financial advisors and professionals. Only individuals who are financial advisors are credentialed to provide investment advisory services. Visit or FINRA’s Broker Check for more information about Thrivent’s financial advisors.