Sharing your blessings in a meaningful way | Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing

Sharing your blessings in a meaningful way

Earlier this year, we announced InFaith Community Foundation and Thrivent’s expanded partnership, which will include a shared brand and client experience. This will allow InFaith to continue to provide all the same offerings and services and help you and more people share their blessings with the world in a meaningful way. As part of this collaboration, we are excited to introduce our new name:

Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing™

The new name highlights the close relationship we have had with Thrivent since our inception, but most importantly, it represents you, our donors, and how you bring your generosity to life.

  • Charitable: Reflects your desire to make the most of all that you’ve been given.
  • Impact: Conveys the positive and lasting change you make every day through your value of generosity, whether among your friends and family or in your communities.   
  • Investing: Expresses a planful commitment to immediate and longer-term strength of the causes, communities, and institutions you care about most.  

Our name reflects who we are and the possibility of what we can do – together.

No action is needed on your part. Your fund will remain the same. Additionally, our IRS tax identification number remains the same so there is no immediate need to change the named beneficiary on any gift designations unless the opportunity arises, and you wish to do so.

We are grateful for the opportunity to serve and support you as your giving partner. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Donor Services team at 800-365-4172 or email at

With gratitude,  

Mandy K. Tuong
President & CEO