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Chris Andersen WomenLead Scholarship Recipient: Caroline Henry

Monday, August 14, 2023

Growing up in a working-class African American family, Caroline Henry witnessed healthcare disparities firsthand. Her family’s health issues were met with dismissiveness from healthcare providers, a common experience for minorities.

These experiences inspired her to study to become a Physician Assistant, with an emphasis on pediatric medicine, at the University of South California in Los Angeles.

Caroline says, “For people of color, many health concerns are directly connected to their living environment. Understanding cultural and societal factors respective to minority communities is pertinent to providing quality healthcare.”

She plans to focus her practice on physical exams for pediatric patients and screens for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE). Caroline feels called to serve children who are forced to endure the harsh realities of poverty, neglect, and injustice, much like she did as a child.

“My faith in God has awakened my passion for justice, and my childhood experiences have motivated me to help others overcome obstacles and persevere through difficult times,” she says. “My commitment to improving the lives of economically disadvantaged women and children is rooted in my belief that everyone has a unique, God-given purpose.”

To the donors of this scholarship, Caroline says, “Your generosity continuously serves as a reminder of the wonderful parts of humanity and provides students with the tools to advance in their purpose. I am sincerely grateful. It will always be meaningful for me.”

The Chris Andersen WomenLead Scholarship awarded over $100,000 to 32 recipients since its inception in 2017. The scholarship was made possible by the generosity of our donor base.

While no new scholarships are available at this time as Thrivent Charitable focuses on other educational initiatives, donors may be inspired to create their own scholarship fund.