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What is charitable planning and how can you incorporate it into your practice? Learn more in this seminar presentation for financial professionals. 

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As you develop your 2021 business plan, Wealth Advisor Holly Mathiesen suggests a variety of solutions to support your charitable conversations with clients.

Financial Consultant David Kratz has been sharing ideas with his clients for 35 years. One concept that many of his clients find especially meaningful is including family in their charitable planning decisions. That was the intent of David’s clients who recently established a donor-advised fund.

When Nathan Mahnke’s client revealed her dream to donate a million dollars to the church founded by her grandparents, tax efficiency was not on her mind. Then the Thrivent financial consultant explained how she could realize her dream and benefit from a significant annual tax deduction.

When Jean Greening tells her clients to “give until it hurts,” she uses her own story to set the stage. Several years ago, her church asked Jean to make a stretch gift on their building project, but she was hesitant. “It was an ‘aha’ moment for me,” Jean recalls. “If I gave an easy gift, would it even make a difference? Giving more helps you grow.”

Through InFaith Community Foundation, financial professional Jeff Olinger helped his clients reach their retirement and charitable goals by establishing a charitable remainder unitrust. 

Like many financial professionals, Lauren Hutto likes to present her clients with choices when making recommendations. More often now, she includes charitable solutions in the options she offers. She recently took that approach with a retired couple she knows well from volunteering with them at her church’s bread ministry. They sold their home before moving into an assisted living facility and wanted to be smart with the $200,000 from the sale.

For some of Financial Consultant Sabrina Fay’s charitable clients, the ‘now normal’ has added a sense of urgency to their giving. The CARES Act provides an opportunity for Sabrina to assist those clients who want to make an even greater impact now.

When meeting with her clients, financial professional Jennifer Cords emphasizes the effectiveness of a donor-advised fund. By helping her clients put their charitable plans in place, they're able to support the charities closest to their hearts, even in a time of uncertainty.

Being strategic about timing the his client's charitable giving, Craig Tharp helped her save income taxes and taxable gains, and significant support to several causes. 

Michael Fleming believes he’s paying it forward every time he talks to other Thrivent financial professionals about generosity planning.