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Giving noncash assets
Each of us has certain causes we cherish, driven by our faith and values. Thrivent Charitable helps you make your individual vision a reality by guiding you on the best path for your personal giving journey.

Our team has the expertise to help you explore options for giving wealth beyond the cash in your bank account to amplify your impact and create the change that matters most to you. One way may include giving noncash assets—something you may not know can be given for charitable purposes.
Noncash Assets

What are noncash assets?

Noncash assets are a combination of wealth you may hold outside of cash on hand and money in your bank account and can be utilized as a way to amplify your charitable giving impact.

About giving noncash assets

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Why give noncash assets?
Gifts of noncash assets are a great way to positively impact your favorite causes in addition to the financial gifts you may make to them.
  • You likely have more wealth in noncash assets, so if you want to give more they are a great option to do so.
  • Through a strategic giving approach, you can potentially bypass or—at the very least—minimize capital gains taxes on your noncash gifts.
What noncash assets can I give?
In partnership with Thrivent Charitable, you can give:
  • Publicly traded stocks and mutual funds.
  • Real estate.
  • Life insurance.
  • Cryptocurrency.
  • Privately held stock.
  • Farm/Business equipment.

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