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InFaith Community Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Olivia Tate

Photo of scholarship recipient smiling at the camera. Throughout Olivia Tate’s life, she looked up to and learned from her grandmother, who owned an assisted living business for many years. Watching her grandmother persevere for the love of care-taking inspired her to pursue a nursing degree, she says.

“Seeing my grandmother’s eyes brighten when she shares her love for inpatient care makes me understand,” Olivia says. “I now know that if I am to accomplish my goal of choosing a career for myself, the choice must be fueled by passion. What greater passion than that of caring for others?”

Olivia has also been highly involved in her local church, Zion Lutheran Church, volunteering as a prayer leader for high school youth group, attending group mission trips, helping with Sunday school, preparing church bulletins and more.  

Olivia, a native of Loveland, CO, is planning to study nursing at Pacific Lutheran University this fall. In her future role as a women’s health nurse practitioner, she hopes to support improved health care for the women in her community, and use her position to advocate for diversity, justice and sustainability.

“I would like to thank all the donors and administration involved,” Olivia says. “Your generosity allows me to gain an education that I otherwise could not receive, and due to your contributions, I am able to advocate for women’s health in my community. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

The InFaith Community Foundation Scholarship (now the Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing Scholarship) is made possible through our Field of Interest Fund and was established to benefit students who are members of congregations that hold active organizational endowment funds at Thrivent.

Donors have the opportunity to create their own scholarship fund, make a grant to our Field of Interest Fund in Education from their donor-advised fund or give directly to their church’s endowment fund.