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InFaith Community Foundation Scholarship Recipient: Cameron Martin

Photo of scholarship recipient smiling at the camera. Cameron Martin, from Redwood City, CA, grew up spending most of his time with his friends and family outdoors. On his way to becoming an Eagle Scout, Cameron’s passion for nature grew as he helped maintain public trails and volunteered to renovate his high school’s garden. He plans to expand upon this interest by studying Forestry at the University of Montana this fall.

“My goal is to preserve and protect the natural world for future generations,” Cameron says. “I want to teach people to enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, while keeping nature safe and upholding the laws that are associated with outdoor activities.”

At Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, Cameron has served as an acolyte, helped with church maintenance and participated in multiple missions trips with another local church.

After receiving his degree, he plans to pursue a career either as a forest ranger or as a game warden. Cameron hopes to inspire young people to conserve nature and work to maintain and protect wildlife for future generations to enjoy.

“Thank you for having faith in me to make a difference,” Cameron says. “Thank you for helping me further my education in a direction that brings me joy and in the state of Montana where my love of the outdoors began.”

The InFaith Community Foundation Scholarship (now the Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing Scholarship) is made possible through our Field of Interest Fund and was established to benefit students who are members of congregations that hold active organizational endowment funds at Thrivent.

Donors have the opportunity to create their own scholarship fund, make a grant to our Field of Interest Fund in Education from their donor-advised fund or give directly to their church’s endowment fund.