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Investing in Good is our donor newsletter. In each issue, you'll find inspiration from other donors through a featured donor story, as well as additional information and resources to help you make the most of your charitable giving. 

Donor-advised fund: Meaningful way to manage a ‘giving budget’ - Spring/Summer 2022

Losing a member of her community during childbirth inspired Lydia Famuyide's dream to provide maternal and child healthcare in less developed countries.  

Inspired to pursue higher education by her family, Everlyn Banaag, hopes to pass on culturally tailored training tools to the next generation of leaders.  

Overcoming the tragedy of her husband's death, Tanisha Armstrong dreams of creating a volunteer doula program to provide equity of care for birthing and parenting mothers.  

The following Q2 2022 market update provides context for the investment performance of your charitable assets.


Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing® (Thrivent Charitable) has named key leaders to pivotal roles that will help scale organizational growth and further develop the donor experience.

Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing® is pleased to announce its 2021 Voices in Philanthropy (VIP) and its newest inductees to the VIP-Hall of Honor.

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Carolyn Sakstrup, Abe Sheikh, and Kimberly Spears have joined Thrivent Charitable Impact & Investing’s Board of Directors.

The following Q4 market update provides context for the investment performance of your charitable assets.From Cambridge Associates, investment advisor

Grateful for their college education and serving  34 years in public education, Eugene and Joye Schutte wanted to help future generations of educators experience the same joy they did.