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Investing in Good is our donor newsletter. In each issue, you'll find inspiration from other donors through a featured donor story, as well as additional information and resources to help you make the most of your charitable giving. 

In this time when the need around us is so great – coming from our own backyards to across the globe –it’s hard to know whether any one of us can make a difference. And yet being among a large community of givers who care deeply everyone plays an important role in positive, lasting change. 

Mandy Tuong, President & CEO of Thrivent Charitable recently spoke with Erin Arnheim, CEO of Legacy Collective, about the unique approach and programs provided by Thrivent Charitable to help donors make an impact now and long into the future. 

The following Q2 market update provides context for the investment performance of your charitable assets.

With a desire to provide radical hospitality, Esther plans to offer women and elder technology and practical training skills for them to be able to join virtual worship, meetings, conversations and receive real-time information.  

Inspired by people of color who helped her understand more fully the divisions that exist along racial lines, Susan will focus her doctoral studies at Ashland Theological Seminary in Ohio on the intersection of spiritual disciplines, cultural awareness, and antiracism work. 

A performance artist, Lauryn will begin her studies for a master’s degree in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University in New York City this fall. 

Discovering her calling during everyday interactions in her community, Danielle will be pursuing a doctorate in community care & counseling - marriage and family at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA

Responding to the call to stand up for "the least of these", Danielle aspires to lead community transformation through research and policy implementation to support sustainable educational initiatives.

Seeing the plight of children in the poorest regions of Tanzania and South Africa solidified Nicholas's desire to seek justice for the oppressed and become a medical professional. 

Sarah McEvoy has known she would be a special education teacher since second grade. That’s when she became friends with a girl who happened to have Down Syndrome.