Investing in Good

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Investing in Good is our donor newsletter. In each issue, you'll find inspiration from other donors through a featured donor story, as well as additional information and resources to help you make the most of your charitable giving. 

Overcoming life's challenges, with generosity - Fall/Winter 2022

After her husband passed suddenly, Sylvia* found a way to honor him and leave a joint legacy of charitable giving.

The following Q3 2022 market commentary provides context for the investment performance of your charitable assets.

A casual conversation with her financial advisors helped Amy von Walter get a step closer to achieving a goal she had set as a child.

Emma Litwin’s eyes were opened to the needs of local families when volunteering to make beds with a nonprofit. She plans to continue giving back to her community no matter how big or small the deed.  

Seeing her aunt's face light up when she talks about her students, inspired Alivia to pursue a career working with children. So, she is striving to become a speech-language pathologist.  

Anna Schuster can’t remember a time when she didn’t want to be a doctor. She's pursuing that dream and focusing on challenges faced by rural communities.  

Corinna Robinson was inspired to study theology after converting to Greek Orthodoxy. As an aspiring professor, she hopes to bring attention to the roles and experiences of women in religion.  

As a young, black, female, aspiring pastor Tatyana Richardson hopes to positively impact the world through her calling as an ordained Elder in the United Methodist Church and as a practical Theologian.  

Jodie Huju played “church” instead of “house” as a child, and as an adult they aspire to be a spiritual leader and a chaplain within the criminal justice system.  

As a Black immigrant woman, Helina Haile, seeks to use her experiences as a catalyst to create space and opportunity for others who are not often represented.