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More choices help your clients meet their time-horizon preference

Our expanded portfolio options provide a timely reason to meet with your charitable clients this summer and beyond.

With like-to-like mapping complete—as previously offered portfolios were sunset—your current clients may need guidance clarifying their goals and objectives for their donor-advised fund. While some donors seek growth for long-term gifts, others may want to preserve income over the short-term.

Consider their time horizon when making recommendations.

  • If clients plan to grant funds in one to three years or are bundling annual gifts, you may recommend the Income options from Thrivent Mutual Funds or Vanguard Group.
  • Clients who intend to direct grants in three to five years may choose moderate growth portfolios, either actively or passively managed, depending on the fund manager.
  • Clients who include children or grandchildren in giving decisions may be comfortable choosing moderately aggressive options for more potential growth in years or decades to come.

Donors want sustainable options

“Since we launched our new offerings, the question we’ve been asked the most is about the new Thrivent Charitable Impact Fund,” says Cindy Aegerter, senior gift planner. “It appeals to donors who would rather not choose between long-term portfolio returns and positive real-world impact. The fund is committed to offering donors the opportunity to make an impact on climate solutions and gender/racial equity while providing sustainable economic growth,” she says.

The Impact Fund is actively managed by Cambridge Associates, a global investment firm serving institutional clients. Thrivent Charitable has partnered with Cambridge for 15 years.

To learn more about the new funds, visit our charitable investment page on our website or watch our informational video for financial advisors.