Chris Andersen WomenLead Scholarship Recipient: Danielle Horne

Monday, August 1, 2022 - 15:36

Danielle Horne declares, “Counseling picked me,” while explaining how she discovered her calling during everyday interactions in her community.

“Whether going to the grocery store or traveling on public transit, I’ve encountered women who were survivors of abuse, experienced a break-in at their home, or struggled with relationship issues,” she says. “These women were signposts that led me to support the community through counseling.”

She will pursue a doctorate in community care & counseling - marriage and family at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA this fall. “It is such a privilege to hold someone’s hands as they find their feet. It became apparent I needed to move toward counseling people full time,” she says.

Danielle’s goal is to build a counseling center that carries a self-care message and partners with other community organizations promoting mental wellness among women, couples, families, and youth.

She says, “We sacrifice mental wellness to become ‘successful’ at the cost of more stress and isolation. This can be particularly true for women, many of whom bear the burden of leading at work and home. You can win at your task and lose yourself in the process.”

She is grateful for the scholarship. “Thank you for embracing me and my calling to serve the community. I hope to give a return on this investment by building healthier communities.”

The Chris Andersen WomenLead Scholarship recognizes the need for diverse leadership in ministry, nonprofits and civic organizations and seeks to accelerate the extraordinary leadership of diverse women of faith to lead change by using their talents to educate, advocate and activate.

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